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Retriever Training

One of the best conservation tools is a well-trained retriever. When out in the field, nothing brings greater joy and pride than a well-trained retriever working to recover a downed game. Here at Mulberry Creek Kennels, we offer a wide variety of training specifically geared to the gundog. We train dogs for basic hunting skills and also train for participation in all levels of UKC and AKC hunt tests. Our goal and desire are to train your retriever to reach its potential in his or her hunting ability.

Mulberry Creek Kennels
Mulberry Creek Kennels

Basic Retrieving

The basic retrieving skills develop a dog's ability to retrieve visible downed games and also to compete in the Started level of an HRC hunt test or the Junior level of an AKC hunt test. This stage of training generally takes 3-4 months, depending on the individual dog's ability. Dogs will be introduced to birds, guns, and decoys. Upon completion of basic training, the retriever should perform the following tasks: be obedient off-leash (see obedience training), retrieve single birds marked down, retrieve to hand and be steady to shot.

Intermediate Retrieving

After completing basic training, we will continue to train your retriever to become more proficient in the field and compete in the Seasoned level of an HRC hunt test and/or Senior level of an AKC hunt test. This stage of training takes an additional 3-4 months beyond basic training. The retriever will be able to retrieve simple multiple downed birds, run basic blind retrieves, and handle many hunting scenarios (boats, duck blinds, etc.).

Mulberry Creek Kennels
Mulberry Creek Kennels

Master Retrieving

After completing Basic and Intermediate training, the retriever will be ready to be polished into a wonderful finished dog. At this level, your retriever will be able to handle almost any situation in the field and compete at the Finished level of an HRC hunt test and/or Master level of the AKC hunt test. This stage of training usually takes another 3-4 months. At this point, the retriever will be able to run 100+ yard multiple retrieves, complete 100+ yard blind retrieves, and handle most diversions in the field while retrieving.

Retriever Training Rates

$825 per month (includes boarding and training) Flea and tick prevention along with heartworm medicine can be provided for an additional $30 per month.
$50.00 per day handler's fee for hunt tests.

National events will be priced according to the location and length of the event.

Mulberry Creek Kennels

Obedience Training

For A Better Dog, Tomorrow

Mulberry Creek Kennels

Obedience Training

Mulberry Creek Kennels offers obedience and manners training for all breeds and ages of dogs. We know that dogs are much more enjoyable when trained because they want established boundaries and need to know their place in the family unit. Although we love our dogs dearly, they are dogs and don't think the same way that we humans do. They, as all dogs do, have an inborn pack instinct. This natural instinct drives them to establish themselves in the family unit at a certain place in the pecking order. An alpha dog will try to be in charge of most situations, while the submissive dog will usually be very timid and compliant. A dog that is properly trained and socialized will learn its place and become a pleasant part of the family unit. An untrained dog makes for an unpleasant home.

Mulberry Creek Kennels

Basic Training

Basic obedience training includes: Sit, Stay, Down, Here, and Heel. We teach each of these commands through consistent repetition on and off the lead and make them a part of daily interaction.

Obedience Training Rates

$800.00 per month: this includes boarding and training. You are responsible for monthly heartworm medication or flea and tick prevention (which is required and can provide for an additional $30)
$75.00 per hour: private one-on-one training and instruction for you and your dog.